Data Analyst

Exciting opportunity with Troy-based start-up working in telemedicine across the US.  Looking for a teammate to help us ingest, correlate and render data in forms that conveys meaning leading to action.  The exciting part of your role is using your skills, experience and inquisitive nature to use data and graphics to tell stories that lead to action and in a cycle of continual improvements.  This applies to work internally to improve quality and efficiency as well as work with clients/prospects to fully consume the possibilities of our service.  You are a critical part of the product and services we sell.

The Data Analyst supports stakeholders throughout UCM Digital Health to provide them with data, insights, and analysis with specific focus on revenue generation activities. Data exists in a wide variety of systems. The Data Analyst will be responsible for identifying and correlating data across systems, first for opportunities for analysis, and then to support integration and standardization across the enterprise.

Works closely with the Chief Revenue Officer, Head of Partner Success, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Operations, and Chief Delivery Officer.

Position Objectives

The Data Analyst will gather information from various sources, analyze patterns and trend, interpret results, and report what has been found in a comprehensive study to the wider business and relevant colleagues. UCM is growing rapidly and the Data Analyst will be responsible for meeting the growing data analysis needs of the company. The Data Analyst must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and must be flexible to handle constant growth and prioritization.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Make recommendations about the methods and mechanisms for UCM to collect and analyze data to
    improve the capacity, efficiency, and quality of data systems
  • Work with UCM technology, operations, revenue, and finance team to establish business needs, define
    data collection, and determine analysis needs
  • Lead data analysis to meet the information needs of UCM functional areas. This includes, but is not limited
    to: Collecting and interpreting data; Analyzing results; Identifying patterns and trends in data sets and advise business leaders; Developing report formats that meet the needs of UCM business units; Producing Key Performance Indicators (KPI); Reporting the results back to the relevant UCM business units
  • Assist in the design, implementation, and roll out of an Operational Data Store and a Data Warehouse.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to identify requirements and implement solutions for external reporting and data sharing.
  • Support internal and external stakeholders in interpreting and analyzing data and reports.
  • Develop reports in Salesforce, Tableau, and other reporting platforms, as necessary.
  • Support development of integrations between systems, including ETL and ELT processes for extracting, staging, preparing, and loading data into reporting data stores.
  • Ensure cloud-based access to Data Store for internal, external data gathering and report writing
  • Define and maintain the enterprise Data Dictionary.
  • Ensure principles of data quality are applied at all stages of the data processing life-cycle.
  • Perform data quality analysis on existing and partner data sets.
  • Identify 3 rd party data resources that would enhance and improve the quality of UCM data analytics.
  • Adhere to all corporate Information Security policies and procedures. Identify any breaches or potential breaches of corporate Information Security standards and communicate those to appropriate individuals.

Education and Experience:

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in mathematics, computer science, or statistics or the equivalent
combination of education and experience.

Experience: Three years of experience in data analysis. Preference for experience in a health care business


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