Keith Algozzine Q&A in the Albany Business Review

How Keith Algozzine and UCM Digital Health are building a new front door for health care

The Albany Business Review recently caught up with UCM Digital Health co-founder and CEO Keith Algozzine to talk about what inspired him to bring the ER into people’s homes through the triage telemedicine startup that became UCM.

In this casual Q&A, reporter Justin Dawes chats with Keith on a range of topics, including the years of development, how the startup has won multiple big deals, added new services and recently closed on a $5.5 million fundraising round – and they even cover Keith’s early career aspirations.

One of the most interesting topics covered, however, was hearing what trend in the healthcare industry and that pushed Keith and co-founder Michael Bibighaus over the edge enough in order to start the company. Use this link to read the full article.