A New Parent’s Worst Nightmare Prevented

Kim has been going through some exciting changes in her life lately. But more important than anything else, Kim is a new mom to a 1-month-old daughter

One night, she was following her usual routine of feeding her daughter in the middle of the night when all of a sudden, her baby began to spit up, cough, and choke violently. This was every new parent’s worst nightmare come true. When the baby’s face turned bright red, Kim panicked and called 911.

EMS quickly arrived on the scene. They did a physical exam and checked the baby’s vital signs. Her lungs were clear, she had no fever, and she had stopped coughing and choking. Kim was very rattled and wanted to speak with a doctor for some extra reassurance. The paramedic called UCM Digital Health and provided the UCM emergency medicine trained physician with background information on the patient. Within minutes Kim was on a video call with the UCM doctor. 

The doctor conveyed that he was up-to-speed on Kim and her daughter’s situation, patiently assessed the baby visually and asked Kim some additional questions. He could tell that the baby was doing well and reassured Kim that she did a great job and did all of the right things. He gave Kim the guidance to sit the baby upright next time to prevent this from happening again.  UCM saved Kim a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. Kim gained confidence as a new Mom, was comfortable that her daughter would be okay, and she now knows that she can call UCM, instead of 911, first.

In the future, Kim can save time and enjoy a more convenient way of receiving top-quality care from her newfound team of trustworthy providers. UCM Digital Health is proud to be in partnership with EMS providers and 911 centers to provide a comprehensive 24/7 EMS telehealth triage, treatment, and navigation program for your patients and your communities supported by our digital health platform and a team of emergency medicine providers.

In the end, Kim got compassionate, immediate care in the middle of the night from a paramedic and a UCM physician working together. She avoided the cost and time of going to the ER. As a bonus, Kim’s employer gained savings with an avoided ER visit and a highly satisfied employee thanks to the great UCM employee benefit!