UCM Announces Addition of On-Demand 24/7 Mental Health Services to Platform

UCM becomes first to offer immediate access to the combination of physical and mental healthcare for triage, treatment and care coordination.

Troy, NY. (August 30, 2021)UCM Digital Health (UCM), a leading provider of emergency telemedicine and digital health solutions, announces the addition of mental health counseling and care coordination through Sam, UCM’s mobile app and telehealth service. 

Through UCM’s digital-first approach, patients receive the clinical care they need from a team of medical providers that oversee a patient’s complete care journey as it affects both mental and physical health. A comprehensive team of ER doctors, mental health providers, and care coordinators work together to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.

“Integrating 24/7 on-demand mental health care options sets UCM apart as the only telehealth platform that brings together an immediate access care model that is centered around the patient,” said Keith Algozzine, CEO and co-founder of UCM Digital Health. 

Each year, millions of Americans struggle with some form of mental health condition – anxiety, depression, substance abuse are just some of the most common issues that often affect job performance and throw off the important work-life balance. It’s critical that employers make sure employees and their families have access to the care they need, when they need it. These mental health issues, when not addressed immediately, drive up healthcare costs and reduce quality of care. For health plans who have a wide variety of populations in the commercial, Medicaid and Medicare space, this immediate access to integrated mental and medical health is a critical unmet need.

“Mental and physical health go hand in hand,” said Mike Bibighaus, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of UCM Digital Health. “All too often, patients don’t know whether what they are experiencing is a primary mental health issue or medical health issue or both and when they are finally ready to talk, you have to be there for them or you miss the opportunity. We now can make sure that we never miss the opportunity to intervene for our populations.”