Better Care. Lower Cost.

The Power of Virtual ER Triage.

By combining virtual emergency medicine with EMS, 911 dispatch, transportation and scheduling, UCM’s Virtual ER integrates within existing health care infrastructure to create an individualized Virtual ER brand that represents trust, savings, and quality care.

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PATIENTS NEED EMERGENCY MEDICINE SERVICESER over-utilization can only be solved by bringing the Emergency Medicine Triage services to them.

PAYERS & PROVIDERS NEED AN ALTERNATIVEA new modern day version of the ER to meet patient demands.

The Solution? Introducing UCM

Aligning Local Healthcare And The Payer

  • 24/7 immediate triage & treatment by the UCM ER team
  • Healthcare Ecosystem: Integration of local government DSS and 911 dispatch, EMS, hospitals, and providers
  • Result is quality care at a lower Cost delivered at a local level

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Interested in ET3?

UCM’s Virtual ER can be your ET3 medical triage line

Working with the assessment provided by your EMTs and Paramedics, UCM’s technology – by phone or app – along with the UCM Virtual ER Team can be your qualified ET3 health care provider and deliver treatment in place.

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Here’s How It Works

The Virtual ER Experience

Data & Analytics

A focus throughout the care cycle

  • Virtual Emergency Medicine provides partner access to meaningful data earlier than ever before
  • Detailed Claims Analysis to produce a true picture of ROI
  • Mitigate payer risk and expense through real time data
  • Concise, relevant, searchable consumer data on one platform
  • Help payers with future underwriting decisions

Proven Results.
Powerful Advantages.

Common Illness Consult

$430 average savings

Serious Illness Consult

$2,330 average savings

ER Avoidance


Patient Satisfaction