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UCM Digital Health is revolutionizing healthcare – and we invite you to join us! Be part of our fast-growing, mission-driven team and help us transform how, when and where care can be delivered to better meet the needs of patients, providers, insurers and the entire healthcare industry.

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Testimonials from our team

“UCM Digital Health is not only changing healthcare but has a demonstrated visionary understanding of what can and will work.” Ester Horowitz, VP of Strategic Partnerships
“At UCM I know we are making it so much more convenient as in less time consuming and cost effective for the patient. I love my job because I know what it is like to be a mom and trying to care for myself or my family.” Jen Squires, Office Manager
“I love the follow through. In the ER we essentially 'treat them and street them' rarely finding out how a patient makes out. Now I can follow my patients from start to finish.” Danielle Wright, Physician Assistant
“UCM has not only allowed me to work from home, but I have also been able to practice the best, most rewarding emergency medicine of my career.” Michael Ungerland, Physician Assistant
“It's a breath of fresh air to know you are making a positive impact in an organization and individuals' lives.” Laura Balogh, VP of Benefits and Partners