Creating virtually integrated
delivery systems for health
plans of the future.

Traditional healthcare is costly and complex. Consumers often over-utilize the system or navigate through it inefficiently. This impacts every link in the healthcare ecosystem – including (and especially) health insurers. Make your benefits instantly better, more efficient and more valuable with a digital healthcare solution from UCM Digital Health.

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The Advantage is Clear

Digital-first care is 5-15 times more efficient – resulting in lower costs, better outcomes and greater member satisfaction. The healthcare industry was already trending in this direction; COVID-19 only hastened the pace.

UCM Can:

  • Provide a digital-first platform

  • Take all patients

  • Treat, triage and navigate all care for patients
    within your plan design

UCM Delivers:

  • Cost savings by directing patients to the right care
  • Brand value through white labelling and custom integration
  • Health plan membership growth and retention


  • A 360° Solution to Any Inquiry Able to treat, triage and navigate any health concern

  • Eliminates Waiting UCM instantly engages patients and directs them to the right care

  • Applied Intelligence Intelligent plan design and provider routing based on clinical appropriateness, plan policy and member choice

  • Uniquely Agile Offering frictionless movement between digital and physical care

Only UCM Securely Delivers

  • A single shared view of patient data across digital and physical domains
  • Distilled patient data to improve outcomes and provide efficiency
  • Analytics that trigger actions to address care gaps and system inefficiencies

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Need a complete digital-first solution? Looking to enhance your telemedicine offerings? Talk to UCM. See the advantage of digital-first healthcare that puts the patient first.

UCM makes a proven, powerful difference:


96% 1

Emergency Room

98% 2



Follow-up to
Track Patient Recovery


Experience is everything.

Your digital healthcare partner is an extension of your hard-earned reputation. Do not risk your membership, brand and investment on a subpar solution.

Laura Zehm, CEO, Aspire Health Plan
“From the beginning the team at UCM worked in partnership with us to get this right. The early results are excellent. I look forward to expanding this service to more of our community.” Laura Zehm, CEO, Aspire Health Plan

You need a digital front door that provides:

Community partnerships
360° Solutions
Intelligent routing
Frictionless movement between digital and physical care

This is the UCM advantage.