EMS Telehealth and 911 Virtual Care

Virtual treatment in place by a UCM provider who serves as an extension of EMS or 911 treatment.

Partner with UCM Digital Health to transform care delivery!

We partner with EMS providers and 911 centers to build a comprehensive 24/7 EMS telehealth triage, treat and navigation program for your patients and your communities supported by our digital health platform and team of emergency medicine providers.

EMS telehealth

Our approach:

  • EMS or 911 initiates care for the patient
  • EMS or 911 determines that the patient qualifies for a telehealth visit as an alternative to transport
  • With patient consent, a UCM provider provides virtual treatment
  • A UCM care coordinator provides follow-up care


  • Improved quality of care through coordination and integration of 911 dispatch, EMS, and UCM providers
  • Increased availability for EMS providers and added capacity for 911 centers to focus on true emergencies
  • Lower load on ERs, avoiding unnecessary ER visits and associated costs
  • Convenient, timely care for the patient

70% of EMS initiated consults result in no transport!

EMS Telehealth & 911 Virtual Care

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