A Thanksgiving Disaster Averted

The holidays are some of the best times of the year and often also the most stressful. Seasonal illnesses are common and accidents and injuries inevitably happen. 

Jen and Tom are new parents with a toddler. Last year, the couple was hosting 15 of their family members for their annual Thanksgiving celebration. The two of them were busy preparing the food and putting the finishing touches on everything while everyone mingled around the house. With the hustle and bustle of the festivities, they weren’t able to focus on every little detail happening around them. 

All of a sudden, their son, Charlie, started screaming. Jen ran over to him, quickly realizing that he had a pea stuck in his nose, blocking his airway. Charlie was visibly upset and in distress – as were the rest of Jen and Tom’s family members – reacting to Charlie and witnessing the commotion. 

Hysterical, Jen got ready to leave her guests and head to the ER with her son. Visiting the emergency room on Thanksgiving was the last thing that they wanted to do, but in a state of crisis, they just wanted the fastest solution for their son. 

Then, Jen remembered that she had access to UCM Digital Health through her employer. Could she use that instead? Tom was concerned that this would only waste more time and not lead to a solution. Jen remembered one of her coworkers talking about her experience using UCM and recalled that she was able to have a virtual appointment with an emergency medicine provider. She recalled it sounding like an ER, but better since it was all virtual and her friend got her issue taken care of from the comfort of home. 

Jen quickly grabbed her phone, opened the Sam by UCM Digital Health app, and was connected with an emergency medicine-trained provider within minutes.  She hopped on video with her son and the provider and quickly explained the situation. The UCM provider calmly reassured her that he was there to help. He coached Jen, instructing her to forcefully blow into her son’s mouth while holding the unaffected nostril closed. After laying Charlie down on the floor and using the recommended technique a few times, the pea came flying out! 

Charlie went from being distressed and tearful to feeling better in no time. His parents were ecstatic that he was okay. And, that it was resolved so quickly. They knew that after a slice of pie, the whole family would be back in the holiday spirit. 

Jen expressed her gratitude to the provider for avoiding what could have been a time-consuming disaster. UCM saved Jen a trip to the ER and saved their family’s Thanksgiving celebration. The whole family was back to football and food in 15 minutes! A far better experience than a hefty emergency room bill, a long commute and wait in the waiting room, and delayed care for Charlie. Jen and Tom now know that before they run to the ER or Urgent Care when something happens, they should always try UCM first.