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Medical Minute: Gout

A red, swollen ankle that you can’t walk on means it’s time to call a doctor How a quick and easy virtual visit with a doctor resulted in a diagnosis, a prescription for the correct medicine, and a patient back on his feet. A 50-year-old male patient of ours recently called in, worried about his […]

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Welcome Back to ….. ah, ah, choooo!

Now that September’s in full swing, our kids have returned to school and that regular weekday routine. While our children have shifted their focus from swimming and summer camp to math homework and reading assignments, it’s a good time for parents to think about avoiding sick days and colds. Teach your children to regularly wash […]

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Drive-Thru Acute Care?

When a Doctor’s Visit Is Served Up Too Fast IN OUR OPINION In a recent study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, titled “Trends in Visits to Acute Care Venues for Treatment of Low-Acuity Conditions in the United States From 2008 to 2015,” the authors looked at the data of 20.6 million Aetna insureds and their […]

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